RT Group Logistics was founded in April 2013, and since then we focus on long-term relationships with our partners, owner-operators, and employees. We do provide logistics services throughout the U.S.

Chicago-based trucking company RT Group Logistics has worked hard to become a leader in the local area. Every year, we spend more than most other trucking companies in the area to ensure our truck drivers are rolling in the newest equipment possible. Our fleet is equipped with the latest technology to keep drivers comfortable and safe. Also, we have an in-house truck shop that is always open to the driver’s advantage!

When we started back in 2013, it wasn’t easy to compete with big transportation giants. But nowadays our 100+ trucks on the road, well-maintained equipment, experienced drivers, and our dedicated staff give us the best advantage of working like a “huge carrier”, and yet have the solid family values of a smaller carrier. We believe happy employees make a great company, that’s why we do everything we can to make our staff keep coming back to work with a smile.

Unlike other trucking companies, we do not specialize in every other type of trailers, we are specialists in the trucking industry that’s why we haul only:

Flat Bed



Dry Van

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If you are a driver and you’re looking for a better job, you deserve strong support from your communities, from your government, and from the employer, click here to apply to become a member of our family, get the job you always dreamed of!

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